House selling stress

We’re in the process of selling our house for the first time and I can confirm that it is just as stressful as everyone says it can be. Here’s why:

1. Potential buyers that don’t do their research – one set of viewers decided to cancel their viewing as our house doesn’t have a garage. Fair enough, but it’s fairly bleedin obvious from the listing. And as for the people who thought that the house might be too close to town, I’ve got 2 words for you – Google Maps.

2. Investors – we received 3 offers on the first day our house went on the market! But it turns out investors tend to put out offers on several properties at a time, drastically under offer and wait to see who is the most desperate to sell. We opted to sell out house to first time buyers instead, as they actually wanted to live in it rather than mess us about.

3. Solicitors – I’m not going to name and shame our solicitors but they are probably the most annoying breed of human beings imaginable. Given how much they probably get paid, I would expect them to to perform some basic tasks:
- Proof read their template letters (my English is not perfect, but I would expect a certain standard from someone that’s had legal training) – so many spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and completely incorrect information in places.
- Not send us paperwork for other clients – seriously, have you lot even heard of data protection?!
- Not force us to take out indemnity policies that we haven’t needed in the entire time we’ve lived in our property – do not even get me started on that one.

We’re due a completion date any day now. When we moved from a rental into our house 8 years ago, our completion date moved several times, so I absolutely refuse to pack anything at all until the date is set in stone.

Aside from all the stress, it’s all going smoothly…Pulling hair out

Frank Sinatra’s pad for $6 million? Yes please!

Although it no doubt looks significantly different to when ol blue eyes occupied it, you can certainly imagine Frank Sinatra entertaining his celeb mates in this beautiful space in New York.

You can find out more about the sale here.










Photos courtesy of HiConsumption

Banishing the gloom

Today is the first dreary day we’ve had in ages, so I decided to cheer myself up with this little beauty.

Rise and Shine Print

I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer for the frame I’ve ordered, so thankfully I tracked down some spare washi tape to temporarily satisfy my needs.

We’re off to sunny Germany this weekend for our annual trip to the lovely city of Bonn. Fingers crossed it’s still 33C when we get there ;-)

Here’s hoping your day gets brighter, wherever you are.

So long Google Reader


So Google Reader finally hangs up it’s hat today. I was apprehensive at first, but switched to Feedly and absolutely love it! Apart from the fact it has an iPad app which displays articles in a variety of ways, you can pin directly from the Feedly website, which you could never do with Google Reader. Happy days!

Amsterdam Finds

Last weekend, I made a last minute decision to pop over to Amsterdam with a friend.

Amsterdam canal

Sadly, that canal picture is one of the few without rain in it! We spent a lot of tim e cruising around on a canal boat, with the ultimate goal being to visit the amazing Eye Film Museum.

Eye Film Museum Amsterdam

Turns out that the boat we were on didn’t actually stop there, despite it being on the map we were given :-( Still, I’m sure we’ll make it there one day.

Amsterdam Zebra playing guitar

Who knew Zebras played guitar?! That picture is probably the only weird sight that’s publishable…

Due to all the rain, we ended up in many many shops including a massive H&M in the main square. They have a lot of home accessories that I can’t find anywhere on the website, including this beauty.

Copper candlestick from H and M

I bought as many as I could fit in my weekend bag (only 3) but now need to find a reason, and some time to go back and get some more!

We managed to get a deal through on this newly refurbished hotel – The Ramada Apollo, Amsterdam. Well worth a look, as it’s on a tram line, and the bar/restaurant Floor 17 has the most fabulous view across Amsterdam, with good food to boot!

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Bedroom

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Lobby

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Floor 17 Bar Restaurant

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