Huf Haus OMG

I can’t even write properly this Huf is so beautiful.


Do with it what you will ;-)

Black Bathing Beauties

My old bathroom

Ever since I turned my old bathroom black (sorry for the terrible bath-less pic), I’m glad to have found that I’m not alone in turning to the dark side.

Black shower

This minimalist beauty is probably the least scary one of the lot, no doubt due to the massive window at the back.

Black bathroom 1

Black always goes best with white and wood don’t ya think?

The Dean Hotel Providence

Best for those who can’t quite decide!

I’ve got plenty more where they came from…check out my Beautiful Bathrooms board on Pinterest for more dark inspiration.

Kitchen obsessions: Metro tiles

I’ve got quite a few obsessions when it comes to kitchens, so rather than write the longest blog post ever, I thought I’d split them up to share with you.

What is it about metro tiles? They’re do damn simple and yet I’m in love. My poor Pinterest board is full of the things. I see metro tiles in my kitchen future…

Susan Greenleaf

OMG. Metro tiles, Wishbone chairs and a tulip table! What’s not to love? Actually, the chairs. Things of beauty that they are, they’re also notoriously uncomfortable.

Crown Point Cabinetry - pic from

This one happily meets my marble obsession too!

Sarah Brown

And last but not least, a kitchen so clean, it must be owned by someone who only ever reheats takeaways and drinks cocktails every night. What bliss.

From one extreme to the other – Bourne Lane, Tonbridge

As I mentioned in my last post, I am lucky enough to be sharing two Tonbridge properties with you this week. The first one, ‘A Beautiful Mess’ looked as the most dilapidated property in much need of some TLC. The one I’m about to show you however is entirely at the other end of the scale.

Bourne Lane House exterior

Isn’t it gorgeous?! This amazing property (ridiculously amazing for Tonbridge which consists of a lot of properties over the 100-year-old mark and new build flats) was designed by Nash Baker and constructed by Stephens and James (the excellent photography is by Will Layzell) Another interesting fact to note is that the owners commissioned the property as they decided to downsize from the oast house next door. This means a couple of things. One this house is not for sale. Two, the oast house might be! (I’m gonna take a wild stab and say it’s this one)

Have a look at the property in more detail here and here.

Want more amazing architecture to fuel your imagination? Check out my Pinterest board below.

Follow Greer Peachey’s board Amazing Architecture on Pinterest.

A Beautiful Mess – Tonbridge gem for sale

Long gone are the days where you can easily find a property in a dilapidated state, ripe for renovation. That is until today!

I am fortunate enough to have spent the overwhelming majority of my life in a small town called Tonbridge in Kent. When I tell people where I’m from it usually provokes one of two responses:


‘Oh Royal Tunbridge Wells! How posh! I bet it’s lovely there.’

to which my response usually is

‘Yes it is. But it’s 5 miles down the road from Tonbridge, originally spelt Tunbridge until they felt the need to distinguish themselves from the young upstart of a spa town that opened up down the road a couple hundred years ago.’


‘Oh. Well at least it’s good for trains eh?!’

to which my response is

‘Yes it is. It’s also good for the fact that it has its own castle, great leisure facilities (including a vast indoor and outdoor swimming pool), some top class grammar schools and I can get a train every 10 minutes to London Bridge in 40 mins which means I’m just over an hour away from Westfield Stratford, the third biggest shopping centre in the UK.’

Rant over! Tonbridge is a great market town, and for what it lacks in shops, it really makes up for in character and some great facilities. The housing stock is rather varied, there are absolutely tons of railworkers cottages (if you’re posh) or terraced houses like my old one, and a few roads of beautiful town houses and detached houses of various architectural styles.

Imagine my delight when I saw not only one, but two amazing Tonbridge houses that I had to share with you this week. The post is going to be about the fixer upper, or as I like to call it, the beautiful mess.

Exterior Front - Tonbridge House

The outside doesn’t need a lot of work does it?! Trust me, it’s nothing compared to the inside…


Oh my eyes! Just think of all the trees that had to surrender to this 1970s log cabin fetish kitchen.

On a serious note though, look at the potential of this beauty. 5 bedrooms, family bathroom and a separate WC, plus a huge south-facing garden, all but stripped back and ready for you to put your own stamp on it.

A property of this size might be a little intimidating to tackle by yourself, so I would highly suggest hiring a local interior designer, maybe even one that lives around the corner…albeit in one of those notorious Tonbridge railworkers cottages!

Check out more details on the beautiful mess right here.

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