It’s so funny, how we don’t tweet anymore…

I haven’t blogged or tweeted properly for a while, so I thought I’d better explain myself.

1. Work
Work has been incredibly busy since January and appears to have taken over my life. I’ve been doing silly hours and not to mention getting the new shop off the ground at the same time. This has caused me to barely tweet during the day, and I tend to spend my weekends asleep or spending quality time with the hubby. I’ve got a week off this week, so I’m going to try my best to get back into some sort of social media routine…

2. RSI/Carpal Tunnel
I’ve had what the doctors thought was RSI for about 5 years now. Due to the fact I’ve been working lots (see point one) the poor old wrists have reached a new level of indescribable pain. After a proper look at the wrists, docs have decided that I might have carpal tunnel syndrome instead. Short explanation is that the wrists are inflamed, but wrists have no room for the inflammation to go, which means I get lots of pain as a result. And a heck of a lot of painkillers (I am basically a walking zombie)

3. Richmond Ham
Seriously, if you haven’t seen the advert already, please have a look here. The main man is very distracting shall we say. I’d say this one is probably not best viewed in the office…

4. Pinterest
It’s hard not to be obsessed with Pinterest. Every waking minute of my free time is spent pinning away all the lovely images I have found. I’m still about 300 or so blog posts behind, but when I catch up, you’re going to get a barrage of posts of my favourites. You have been warned.

5. Curated
So I might have casually mentioned this in point one, but we did open our fabulous shop Curated at the end of last year and have been steadily working to include fabulous furniture, art and accessories. Check it out here.

4 thoughts on “It’s so funny, how we don’t tweet anymore…

    • That’s very kind Cathy. I’ve tried literally everything but ice packs on my wrists would you believe?! I went down the Curaheat pack route instead. Will give it a go!

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