Shiny new lounge creation

In the past few weeks I’ve been spending, shall we say, a little too much time on eBay. It started off quite innocently, selling a few unwanted bits, a broken laptop, a lovely netbook that I wanted to keep if it wasn’t for my college’s daft requirements…the list goes on.

For whatever reason, someone thought that the broken laptop was worth nearly £200! I could have withdrawn the money from Paypal into my normal account but decided to redesign my lounge instead. 

The hubby is somewhat suspicious, so I’ve had to treat him like a client and make up a furniture/sample board for him to see what he thinks.

Moodboard for my lounge

Ok, so I didn’t spend a great deal of time cutting out mountboard and doing a Powerpoint, but I think you get the general idea. And so did he. He was slightly concerned by the fuschia cushion in the corner, but I explained that I only really wanted the aubergine one, honest.

The wonderfully easy to use moodboard creator is found on MyDeco, a fabulous website which brings together the widest possible range of products from high street stores to niche retailers,thousands of inspiring looks to fit your budget, expert designers on hand for advice, and simple 3D tools to help you plan your room before you even open a tin of paint. You can also join their community to share ideas, swap decorating tips and show off your designs. It’s everything you need to buy with confidence. Join up for free now and add me as a friend. Go on you know you want to…

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