Entrepreneurship endeavor that combines my strengths of design and music. Created music information design pieces to make playing guitar and understanding music theory an easier process. With the poster I created a 40 second advertisement for Instagram and Facebook that includes music created by my band Numerics.


Adobe Illustrator - Adobe After Effects - Instagram and Facebook Marketing - Html / Css


Information Design - Web Design - SEO and Marketing - Social Media Management - Logo Design - Branding


Peachey Music is a brand that I started to share my love of playing guitar. I want to bring high quality, straightforward information designs into the music theory space. This project was started as a necessity. Through my 15 years of experience playing guitar I always found music theory resources lacking in effective design. Many times the way music theory is presented makes it intimidating and cryptic to new learners. With my own personal needs in mind I set out to create a coded system of visual guides that makes remembering the rules of theory auxiliary, and instead focuses on making the tools of music theory gratifying to create with.